Campaign Plans: Animal Rescue

JOUR 485: Strategic Communications Processes | Fall 2023
Project Overview
Students in JOUR 485 met with two clients in the non-profit, animal rescue industry to identify communications problems and suggest campaign solutions. They developed Campaign Plans, pitch decks, and project schedules.

This campaign will get potential dog adopters in the market along with the general public who have a breed bias against bully breeds to change their views and consider adopting bully breed dogs by educating and showing them that every dog, regardless of breed, has unique qualities and the potential to be adopted with engaging social media posts and information.

With Bully Breeds' negative reputations perceived by the public, many potential dog adopters stray away from adopting these type of breeds. Many believe that these dogs are bred for dog fights and are dangerous and aggressive. With an already developed social media following and plenty of experience with these type of breeds, our client is positioned to educate and explain to the public that bully dogs are more than their stereotype.
Reducing the negative stigma toward Bully Breeds
Jaden P., Madison D.,
Taylor S. and Aliza W.
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Our client can create engaging content that makes it easier for people to feel connected to the dogs. This content will showcase the bully dogs’ personalities, highlight unique traits, and humanize them through positive stories from people with first-hand experience. By doing this, our client can replace negative stories with positive ones and make it easier for people to adopt a bully.

Our client is uniquely positioned to tell positive stories that change people’s perspective about bully dogs. This is because they are a non-profit consisting of people who are passionate about getting their dogs adopted. They understand these dogs on a more case-by-case basis and they have knowledge and experience that debunks the stigma against bully breeds.
Bullies Vs. Bullies
Sydney S., Paola F.,
Shelby D. and Taylor H.
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The strategic big idea is to humanize our client. Public perception is shaped by what is available for an audience to consume, so when the only “stories” coming from an organization carry heavy negative connotations that public perception is bound to be negative. Humanization means highlighting the faces doing the work within the shelter, showing both their why’s and their how’s, giving the public a new way to view the inner-workings of the shelter.

Due to the increasing pet overpopulation crisis as depicted in news and social media, many shelters including our client shelter have become seen by some as detrimental to the animals they aim to help. Luckily, our client has an army of employees, volunteers and affiliates ready to assist and tell the world about the good work our client does by sharing their first-hand stories. This is beneficial because it is easier to attack an entity or organization than a human being.
Reputation Management
Bachka B., Ava W.,
Jessa W. and Kira W.
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The objective of this campaign is to address the overcrowding crisis at our client's organization by raising awareness, enhancing adoption rates and rallying community support to tackle the overcapacity of animals and the strain on staff resources. We are also aiming to increase foot traffic to the client's adoption facility, as well as traffic to their social channels.

We'll craft and distribute positive and informative content via print ads, digital advertisements, and our client's owned social media platforms. These channels will serve to educate the public about the organization's services and animals. Additionally, we'll utilize these platforms to showcase the dogs positively and encourage adoptions.
The Underdog Project
Jordan B., Janie. A,
Ruth S. and Lacee W.
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