Research Report:

Visual Designers and the Promise of Adobe's Assistive AI

EMDD 215: Usability | Fall 2023
Project Overview
A research project conducted by students in EMDD 215. The students came up with the topic, the teams, and the research plans and protocols. They conducted the research and created the final Research Report.
User Research
Fall 2023
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Adobe suggests that its Assistive AI tools will “maximize creativity and precision” and enable Adobe users to “spend more time creating and less time on basic, repetitive tasks.” (Adobe)

‍We wanted to understand whether visual designers (whom these tools are marketed toward) think of these tools and their impact in the same way. We also wanted to understand if these tools currently deliver on the promise of maximizing creativity and reducing time spent on non-creative tasks.

To do so, we conducted three studies: One based around user attitudes that compares the attitudes of heavy and light Adobe users; one around the impact of these tools on users’ workflows and outcomes; and a usability study comparing efficiency and effectiveness of a single Photoshop task with and without AI assistance.

Through this research we found that visual designers recognize the necessity of embracing AI to stay competitive. They are concerned with the inclusion of AI in their professional work but willing to learn and implement AI in personal creative work. They are skeptical of Assistive AI’s current abilities to help them to produce quality work.